These Reactions To Digvijay Singh’s Daughter’s Death Will Make You Think Humanity Is Dead

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5:35 pm 30 Apr, 2016

News about the sudden death of 37-year-old Karnika Singh, daughter of veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh, left many people in shock on April 29, with known political leaders and media personnels taking to Twitter to express their grief. 





Karnika, who was Singh’s youngest daughter, was suffering from cancer. Like with any parent, Karnika was the apple of her father’s eyes.



Even though political differences gets one a lot of enemies over the years, in times of joy and grief, these differences are mostly set aside. As human beings even political opponents express their good wishes and condolences for others.

That is why many were left shocked when even a tragic death in someone’s family was used as a tool to attack someone and that too at a diabolical level.



Many left vengeful replies to Singh’s tweet about his daughter’s death, so much so that even his current wife Amrita was not spared in these replies.




The sickening tweets didn’t end just at Singh’s profile, with even senior journalist Barkha Dutt’s timeline being flooded with messages which can leave anyone with a heart very angry.

There were also many tweets directed at the departed soul, few even calling her death as her father’s ‘karma.’


Some even dragged Barkha into the picture and even questioned her motive behind sending her condolences to Singh.



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