13 Ways Your Friends React When You Are About To Get Married

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 3:12 pm


Breaking the news of your big day pulls out some memorable reactions from your friend’s end. Some reactions are out of sheer happiness and delight, and some might reveal the jealous side of your friend. Through this post, we explore the many ways your friend would react when the news is disclosed to her.

13. Yay! My best friend is getting married

She jumps out of happiness instantaneously and you are delighted to see your happiness getting shared. You wouldn’t mind joining her excitement by jumping with her.

12. Is she marrying the right guy, I should do some research

This friend of yours would prefer going underground and do research on your husband-to-be. His FB profile is stalked to core and his friends list scrutinized, to finally feel confident of your decision to get married.

11. He is good for you, I like him too


On finding no faults, she finally approves of the relationship and gives a nod to you. Though preparations were never halted, but for all the efforts she has put in for you, you do give her decision importance.

10. I have so much shopping to do

As much it is your wedding, it is hers as well. She leaves no stone unturned to feel like the friend of bride-to-be and goes for shopping exclusively for your big day.

9. Don’t you think you are marrying too early

Out of concern or jealousy, some friends might not give you the reaction you expect from them. They might compel you to rethink of your decision through their continuous Q&A sessions. You might as well, avoid such group of friends if you are too keen to marry the man you are about to.

8. When I marry I will…

Your marriage preparations won’t stop her from dreaming of her own. You might find her day dreaming often which she will politely call as ‘being tired’ for your wedding preparations.

7. I should register on match-making sites

Though your friend on hearing your good news might look as if she had been waiting for this to happen to you. But at the back of her mind competition takes over her role of a friend, where she starts feeling how she got left behind in the race. To catch up with you she might immediately make the move to register on a few match-making sites in a desperate need to find her match.

6. My ex was good

Your marriage may mend a broken relationship, when your friend hearing the news of your marriage starts thinking of her ex and how compatible he was. All his vices may make your friend give him another chance and you might find yourself lending your ears to a good news from her end soon.

5. When will he propose me

If your friend is already in a committed relationship, but hasn’t yet been proposed for marriage, then hearing your news might come as a blow for her boyfriend. He would be pushed to think of the next step, an idea given to her as a result of your wedding.

4. She is marrying before me

They from the core envy everything, your would-be husband, his stature, your wedding plans, honeymoon plans and your after-married life. Though at each stage they might be present in front of you, still you can very visibly identify their jealousy.

3. I will dance breathlessly

Your friend waits desperately to dance with all her might on your big day. Beware, she is sure to steal the limelight from you with her dance moves.

2. I want to get married too

Your envious friend may want to hook up at the earliest, so she would be all set to go on blind dates or a date planned by her parents. Her parents would definitely be glad with their rebellious daughter transforming into an obedient one.

1. She won’t have time for me now


Your friend loves you so much that your marriage might make her feel she is losing a good friend. Time to give her a quick hug and tell her that you are going nowhere, but just bringing a new friend in her life, i.e, your husband.