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This Is How Ravish Kumar Reacted To PM Modi’s Decision Of Scrapping Notes

Published on 10 November, 2016 at 6:29 pm By

Ravish Kumar broke the general perception among a section of the TV news viewers is that NDTV hates everything the BJP-led government at the Centre does. But on the evening of November 8, Ravish Kumar did something they did not expect – he praised a landmark note scrapping decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

When Ravish Kumar began his show, it was expected that there will be some criticism of the decision.


Shockingly for the anti-Modi brigade, Ravish Kumar not only avoid any criticism but, on the contrary, praised the decision in the following words:









Yes, he said those words!

He also mentioned that the PM has taken care that necessary services such as hospitals, crematoriums, and petrol stations will accept the old currency.

His praise for the government’s decision came at the same time when many anti-Modi or anti-BJP voices – the Communists and the Opposition – were busy expressing their displeasure. They tried to find non-existent flaws in the decision and made all attempts at diverting our attention from the crucial objective of saving India’s economy to the social impact on the people. In their feverish desire to criticise Modi they forgot that the Prime Minister had himself acknowledged that the decision will cause some problems to the people but that this was a necessary sacrifice.

You can watch the entire video:



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