An IPS Officer Replied Perfectly To Ravish Kumar’s Rhetoric In Which He Questioned Integrity Of Cops

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8:19 pm 8 Jun, 2016

Ravish Kumar, the senior executive editor at NDTV India, wrote an impassioned open letter to the policemen of the country. In the open letter, which he published on his blog, he asked why the police force was silent in spite of the martyrdom of two police officers – IPS officer Mukul Dwivedi and police officer Santosh Yadav – during the clashes in Mathura.

He said that a rot has settled in the organisation and that the officers need to speak up against what is wrong with the society and in their administration.

A policeman wrote a letter in response to Ravish’s letter. Written in beautiful Hindi, the letter presents the side of the police force and their helplessness. Here are excerpts from the letter:

1. Why the police is not able to speak their minds?


Letter (1)


2. What the pain of being a police officer is.


Letter (2)


3. The world of journalism too has people who have no morals.


Letter (3)


4. What binds the cops down.


Letter (4)


5. The sad side of what would have happened if Mukul and Santosh had shot the arsonists instead.



Letter Mukul


6. And if one officer is not an upright one, how can it be emblematic of the establishment?


Letter (6)


7. What ails the police force.


Letter (7)


8. Who should be blamed for the ‘rot’.


Letter (8)


9. The need of the hour.


Letter (9)


10. And what journalists should do.


Letter (10)


Read here the letter from the police officer.

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