Ravindra Jadeja Shared A Video Of An Umpire Dancing To ‘Main Hun Don’, And Internet Has Exploded With Laughter

6:46 pm 29 Nov, 2017


Umpires are the masters of a cricket match. They hold the crucial power of decision making. Everything depends on their decision. In fact, one wrong decision by the umpire might turn the fate of a match or the tournament. The job of an umpire is more difficult than that of a referee because the former has to take even tricky decisions such as that in an LBW.


Thus the umpire is expected to be all serious during the game. Except of course for a momentary funny gesture or two such as the ones done by Billy Bowden.




But it appears that umpires can be really, really funny at times. They can rip off that “I am so serious” mask and do things you cannot even imagine.

Team India cricketer Ravindra Jadeja recently shared a video on social media showing an umpire at a local match dancing to a medley of songs.


The umpire dances to hit songs such as “Main Hun Don” and “Chin Tata” among others, and he does that with such aplomb!

Here is the video. Put on your headphones and see how an umpire dances.


Elite panel umpire🤣 omg cnt stop laughing.

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People reacted to that video with praises. Some of them even wrote that the umpire is from Navi Mumbai and that people call him “Gotya Umpire”.





And if want more of ‘Gotya Umpire’, here is a longer video. Enjoy because this guy is pure entertainment.




Would you not like to see ‘Gotya Umpire’ officiating in the IPL? Wouldn’t it be fun? Drop in your comments!