Ravindra Jadeja Gets A Roasting On Twitter After Referring To A Fan As ‘Gavaar’

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12:28 pm 9 Dec, 2017


Ravindra Jadeja, a well-known face in India’s international cricket, yet again showed his good work at the ground by bagging ten wickets from three matches in the recently concluded test series against Sri Lanka. In his cricket career so far, the all-rounder has played 34 Tests, 136 ODIs and 40 T20Is for India.

Ravindra Jadeja. Rediff

Recently, the player was left disappointed when a fan called him “Ajay” after playing almost nine years of international cricket.

Ajay Jadeja is another Indian cricketer who had played for India between 1992 and 2000, that is almost nine years before Ravindra Jadeja appeared in India’s international circuit. Ajay Jadeja was quite a popular player of his time but all his achievements got overshadowed when a 5-year long ban was imposed on him for match fixing.

After being called Ajay, Ravindra Jadeja was so irked that he took to Twitter to express his annoyance. But while Ravindra Jadeja expressed his feelings on Twitter over the person who mistook his first name for another cricketer, he did not stop at simply mentioning the incident. The player referred to the fan as “Stupid” and “Gavaar” in the hashtags. Have a look at his tweet below:



The good folks of Twitter stood divided in their opinion on Jadeja’s tweet. But only a few felt that after having played for the national cricket team for about 9 years now, he deserves this much recognition that people don’t at least get his name wrong. Here are some tweets in Ravindra Jadeja’s support:







But most other people replying to his tweet felt the contrary. They held that the cricketer shouldn’t have referred to a fan as “Stupid” and “Gavaar” since this is far from decency of a national player. Have a look at some tweets expressing fury over Ravindra Jadeja’s tweet:






















It is true that sportsmen in India face such situations when people fail to recognize them despite the players being popular figures. And that happening with a Indian international cricketer is even more disheartening since cricket is seen as the most popular game in the country. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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