Ravindra Jadeja May Be Fined, This Time For His Off Field Act

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2:23 pm 18 Jun, 2016


Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja is in big trouble. Though many a times, sportsmen are fined after doing fouls on field but this time Jadeja is in trouble because of his act off field.


He recently posted a selfie along with his wife on his Instagram account. The issue is that the couple is posing in the selfie along with endangered Asiatic lions at Gir National Park and Sanctuary. The photographs went viral and an inquiry has been launched. 

Have a look at his Instagram posts:



Ravindra Jadeja along with his wife Raveena Solanki.


Another photograph he posted with the caption: “Family photo, having good time in Sasan (Gir)”.


There have been 3 cases of people, including a woman and a 14 year old boy, beig killed by these lions here. Hence, the area is protected and people are not allowed to get off their vehicles during the safari.

AP Singh, the chief forest conservator, said:

“Since it is against the rule to get down (from) the vehicle in jungle, we have ordered a probe into the matter.”

As the couple has violated rules, hence, there are chances of Jadeja being fined!



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