Raveena Tandon Slams Twitterati Who Questioned Her And India’s Aid Towards Refugees

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3:59 pm 12 Jan, 2017

Actress Raveena Tandon on January 11 slammed a Twitterati who questioned India’s helping hand towards refugees and her benevolence towards the needy.


The debate started earlier that day when Raveena posted a tweet with a link that spoke about refugees in Europe and how much they are suffering.

With this link, Raveena also questioned Saudi Arabia’s role in all this and how they despite their mass wealth have never helped any refugees.


While the majority of the people agreed with her or debated on the topic, a Twitterati with the name Husain Khan questioned India’s role towards the needy refugees.


Shocked, Raveena asked Husain if he was an Indian, and the politely pointed out that Saudi Arabia, despite their wealth did nothing to help others.

Still not convinced, Husain again tried to counter Raveena and this time asked if she herself had done any charity.

The accusation left Raveena in splits, but it was her fans who pointed out her truth to Husain.


Husain who was left embarrassed, then politely accepted his defeat and decided to end it on a positive note.

Raveena at the tender age of 21 had adopted two daughters and over the two decades not only helped them get the best of education, but also settle in life.


Raveena at her adopted daughter Chaaya’s wedding. Twitter

Today, one of her daughter, Chhaya, is an air hostess while the other, Pooja, is an event manager.

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