An Indian Neurosurgeon Re-Attached A British’s Man Head To His Spine

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4:30 pm 25 May, 2015


In a rarest of the rare surgery cases, an Indian-origin neurosurgeon re-attached a man’s skull to his spine, reports NDTV.

A British man, Tony Cowan, met with an accident when his car hit a speed-bump, spun out of control and crashed into a telephone pole. Tony sustained a fracture in his neck and a permanent injury to the spinal cord, which the medics described as almost “unsurvivable”.

Thankfully, his brain was not damaged even though his head was snapped off from his spine at the time of crash, held in place only by some tissues and muscles.


An Indian neurosurgeon, Anant Kamat, re-attached Tony Cowan’s skull to his spine with a metal plate and bolts in a rare operation. Tony now hopes to go home soon.

Doctor Anant Kamat qualified as a neurosurgeon with a Gold medal from the University of Mumbai. He was trained in multispecialty academic hospital in Mumbai, from where he acquired extensive surgical experience in managing different spinal pathologies. He was also awarded FRCS Neurosurgery Award in 2007, along with other prestigious awards.