Exhibition Displaying Rape Victims’ Clothes Proves Outfits Are Never Responsible For Rapes

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7:35 pm 18 Jan, 2018


It’s 2018 and the cases of rapes are nowhere decreasing. We say we are progressing, but we can only progress when we will start respecting the women of our country. Parents fail to make their sons understand that real men do not rape. Many believe that a man is strong only when he is dominant over women. Victim blaming and shaming hasn’t ended yet. People still believe that it’s woman’s responsibility to keep herself safe. Do not go out alone, do not wear short dresses at night, nightclubs are not safe, don’t travel alone, never hang out with guys, are pretty common advises parents give to girls. But why people cannot simply ask their sons to respect women? Till when are we going to blame the victim’s clothes for rape?

An exhibition was held in Molenbeek, Brussels, showcasing what rape victims were wearing at the time of the crime. The exhibition named as ‘Is It My Fault?’ and it includes clothes like track pants, pajamas, and dresses.


Lieshbeth Kennes, who works as a training and counseling person in a victim support group, CAW, that has provided the clothes for the exhibition, said:

“What you immediately notice when you walk around here: they are all very normal pieces that anyone would wear. There is even a children’s shirt with an image of ‘My Little Pony’ in the exhibition, which brings home a harsh reality.”


Talking about how it’s woman’s choice to wear whatever she wants, Molenbeek prevention service’s project manager, Delphine Goossens, said:

“We would like people to understand that every women could wear what they want, they shouldn’t be attacked. That’s what the exhibition shows: no outfit prevents rape.”




The time has come when people should stop blaming the victim and start punishing the culprit before it gets too late!

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