Here’s How A Rape Scene Was Shot In The Wake Of #MeToo Movement In India

6:03 pm 17 Oct, 2018


What do you say #MeToo movement is having an impact in India and that things will certainly change in the days to come? Well, with the movement gaining momentum with each passing day, it seems like people, especially in Bollywood, are now being extra careful. No wonder, the movement has so far exposed some of the biggest names in the country’s entertainment industry.

Well, as the rage of the movement naming and shaming continues, it seems like some actors are now being extra careful about rape and bold scenes in films. And one of them is veteran actor Dalip Tahil.




Dalip Tahil is currently working on a project of director Sudhir Mishra where he had to do a rape scene.

Well, with the controversy of #MeToo movement gaining momentum in the country, it seemed the actor refused to do it. However, it said that later the actor was convinced to do it. But you know what, he had a condition on it. Wonder what that is? Dalip records the consent of the actress before the shooting of the scene.



Dalip reportedly told that he needs a letter from the actress doing the rape scene stating that there was no problem during the shoot of the scene.

It is said that after the shoot, a small video was recorded in which the actress is saying that during the shooting she was completely satisfied with her safety and respect.



Well, going by some of the allegations and charges made against men, what do you say this is what every other actor also should follow whenever they will shoot any rape or bold scene in the films?


Needless to mention, Dalip Tahil was recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol by Khar police in Mumbai. He rammed his car into an autorickshaw reportedly hitting the occupants from behind.

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