Ranveer Singh’s Absurd Superhero Avatar In Ching’s Ad Left Twitter In Splits

5:05 pm 11 Oct, 2018


Ranveer Singh is all about the crazy energy and power packed roles. The actor takes everything seriously and gives his 100 percent to the characters he performs. Even When it comes to an advertisement, he might shock his audience. Remember the Durex condom ad? Of course, you do! Another ad Ranveer Singh is famous for is of the sauce and noodle brand Ching’s. Well, Ranveer Singh’s new Ching’s ad has gone bad! Don’t believe me? Read along.

Ranveer Singh has already done various ads for this brand. Remember Ranveer Ching Returns, which was directed by Ranveer’s Simmba director Rohit Shetty? Well, now, Ranveer has returned with a new ad directed by his Gunday director Ali Abbas Zafar and Karishma Tanna is giving him company in it.




Currently, Ranveer Singh is busy in shooting for his much-awaited film Simbaa, directed by Rohit Shetty.



The teaser of the new Ching’s ad was much talked for being set in space and making Ranveer a superhero.



Now that the final advertisement has been revealed, we can say that this is not how it should have been. Ranveer Singh has become Captain Ching, a superhero in space. So when an asteroid comes to strike a spaceship piloted by Karishma Tanna’s character, she calls out for the help of Captain Ching. Ching takes a taste out of a Ching’s sauce bottle and lo! Flames begin to come out of his ‘bum’, making him a rocket, and the rocketman destroys the asteroid!




Look at the recently released ad.



And this is how the fans reacted after watching the ad.






What a joke!




Ranveer Singh is the one and only actor who can take on such a weird persona, but still, the ad feels very childish. Some people might find it funny but most people are finding it absurd! What do you think of this Captain Ching ad?

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