Ranveer Singh Reveals His Ideal Outfit On A Lazy Day, And It’s Shocking

3:40 pm 11 Aug, 2018


Did you know that ‘Band Baja Baraat’ star Ranveer Singh’s full name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani? The actor dropped the surname before entering Bollywood because he found his name to be too long. Another surprising fact about the actor is that he is related to actress Sonam Kapoor on his maternal side. Sonam’s mom’s maiden name is also Bhavnani, see the connection? It seems like the Bhavnani family has found the treasure of good, talented genes. Ranveer is a good actor and his portrayal in movies like ‘Padmaavat’, ‘Bajirao‘ and other attest to it.

The actor is famous for his quirky fashion sense and his craziness in general. No one can deny the fact that he is one of the most quirkily daring actors in Bollywood. Be it his choice of cheeky prints in attires or his offbeat sense of humor, fans admire everything about him.




The actor isn’t shy about his lifestyle or his relationships either. His equation with actress girlfriend Deepika Padukone is no secret. The couple often makes adorable and awe-inspiring comments on each others Instagram posts. But that’s not all that Ranveer isn’t shy about.



In a recent interview, Ranveer Singh revealed something about himself that we are sure you haven’t heard of before. When asked about what he likes to wear on a lazy day, this is what the actor reportedly said:

“It depends on who else is in the house. If there is somebody else in the house, you will see me wearing my over-sized t-shirts and pyjamas that I have owned for over a decade, like 16-18 years I have been wearing the same pjs and t-shirts. And if there is no one in the house, then I will be naked.”


All Ranveer fans must have expected him to say something funny or cheeky, but who expected this. We don’t know about you guys, this has definitely left us red-cheeked. But the actor did not stop there.



When asked what is the quirkiest piece of clothing in his wardrobe, bang came the reply:

“I have got some interesting pairs of underwear, and I will conclude my response with just that.”




We wonder if Deepika has an opinion on all what Ranveer shared?

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