Ranveer Singh Shows His Bad Side By Pushing Away His Fans When They Wanted A Selfie With Him

5:09 pm 15 Mar, 2018


Ranveer Singh is not only known for acting prowess but being among the super-cool actors in the film industry. He has never required PR agencies to pep-up his image as he himself is so badass that he always manages to entertain all his fans. But this time he was in no mood to please his fans.

Recently, when Ranveer’s ultra-eager fans tried to take selfies with him, his reaction was the least acceptable thing that happened.

Well, one of his video is creating buzz on the internet. The video shows Ranveer outside his gym and his die-hard fans standing in a queue to take selfies with him.


As per Pinkvilla, while his fans were one by one taking pictures with the actor, an over-eager fan, on his turn, came forward and started to click many pictures and shoot videos with him.


This resulted in him getting angry.



What next? In annoyance, he pushed away many of his fans and the video went viral:



Selfies can be painful at times, right?