Ranveer Singh’s Entry At His Wedding Will Be Epic. Here’s What He Will Do

3:53 pm 13 Nov, 2018


Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are one of the most popular Bollywood couples right now.  And their popularity has spiked owing to the news of their impending nuptials. The duo seems to be the perfect blend of quirkiness and class, and most of this quirkiness comes from Ranveer Singh. The actor’s unique sense of fashion is just one aspect of his quirky nature. Anything and everything he does is filled with pizzazz. And why not?

Naturally, when it comes to his wedding, the actor has to live up to his name. We bet you are all wondering what the actor will do on his wedding day that will showcase his true personality.




Well, as per reports, Ranveer’s baraat is going to be nothing like a traditional Indian one. The thing is, most Indian grooms reach the wedding venue aboard a horse or a rath. But Ranveer has something bigger planned for his grand entry.

This Bollywood groom will land at his wedding venue at Lake Como in Italy aboard a seaplane.



Yes, you’ve read it right. Ranveer has gone from a horse to a seaplane! The same reports also indicate that the seaplane in question can carry about a dozen people. This is why Singh and a few of his closest family members will be aboard the seaplane to make a grand entry at Lake Como.



As for the rest of the guests, it has been reported that they will reach the venue in luxury yachts. The couple seems to have booked two luxury yachts to carry their guests to the wedding venue.



Well, this is definitely in keeping with Ranveer’s uniqueness and unconventional being. While we are still awaiting any visual updates on what Ranveer will wear for his wedding let’s have a look at some of his past looks.

Here is Ranveer Singh in a cowboy look we are sure no one else could have sported



A twist on the magician’s attire:



A costume party anyone?




What do you think of Deepika and Ranveer’s impending wedding? And how about the grand entry?

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