23 Reasons Why Ranjeet Is Kalyug’s Poster Boy

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 7:41 pm


You know Ranjeet. If you don’t then you need to know about him because if there is one man who has played truly evil characters on screen, it is Ranjeet. Every famous Bollywood villain has essayed at least one good character during their height of villainy but not Ranjeet. Who other than him, therefore, has the right to be the poster boy of Kalyug?


1. He was born Gopal Bedi but his friends liked to call him ‘Goli’.

It was because he played football as a goalkeeper. But you just cannot overlook the significance.


2. Ranjeet started his career in films as a pure baddy. (Debut film ‘Saawan Bahdon’.)

That’s what you call a real start.


3. He has paired with vixens and vamps to do dirty stuff.


4. And has planted bombs in the car of the hero or heroine.

An (un)qualified car mechanic and a bomb maker. What a combo?


5. He has insulted the hero’s mother and father often.

But especially the mother just to make sure the hero beats him to a pulp.


6. He had lecherous eyes for the most gullible girl at the party.

Technically, all girls are his ‘darlings’.


7. He has been at the lowest of crime ranks: pickpocket.


8. And has been at the highest: a mob boss.


Ranjeet as criminal


9. But duping the hero off his property has been his biggest ambition.


10. He has proved to be a false friend to the hero a countless number of times.


11. But a true brother to other obviously-criminal dudes.


12. Becoming a dacoit comes naturally to him.

No special training required.


13. Gambling and drinking are his special skills.


14. He always betrayed his filmi father, if the father was a good man.


Ranjeet Beta


14. And has been honest with a bad dad.



15. He has also hurt his filmi mother.

Yes, sometimes he was not the real son but a mother is a mother.


Ranjeet Ma


16. Stealing has been the noblest act in his eyes.

He has even tried to steal leopard cubs. Shabash!


17. He loved living off his filmi sister’s wealth.




18. Besides distinguishing himself as the best henchman in Badland.


Ranjeet Henchman


19. He dressed like a hero but that was to deceive the poor heroine and her baap.

Look like them but act like the devil himself.


20. He never shied of using a gun to escape sticky situations.


Ranjeet Gun


21. Marrying girls for their father’s property was his idea of true love.

Ranjeet Coll


22. Prison was a mansion he often paid a visit to.


Ranjeet Prison


23. Finally, he still remains Bollywood’s ultimate rapist.

In 200 films, he has raped or made rape attempts 350 times on screen.



But we love Ranjeet for making villainy so unforgettable. Undoubtedly, he remains one of the greatest baddies in Indian cinema.