Rangoli Thrashed Aditya Pancholi For Claiming That He Made Kangana Ranaut A Star

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6:05 pm 13 Sep, 2017

It was the Hrithik-Kangana controversy and then came Aditya Pancholi. Pancholi, who is giving interviews after interviews and trying his best to not let media forget his name, is the forgotten actor who is now seeing a ray of hope for his already drowned career. Looks like Aditya Pancholi is loving all the limelight that he is getting because of the Queen of Bollywood. In his recent interview, the actor has claimed that it was him who made Kangana a star.


While giving his latest interview, Aditya Pancholi said that Kangana Ranaut, who has been talking about the prevailing nepotism in Bollywood, is herself is a product of Nepotism.

Yeh nepotism ki baat karti hai, she has no right to speak about nepotism because she also got into the film industry through nepotism. If I was not there, who would have sent her to Mahesh Bhatt for one? Agar main uska photo shoot nahi karvata Jatin Kampani se, toh yeh photo shoot kar sakti thi kya? (If I wouldn’t arrange a photoshoot by Jatin Kampani for her, then would she able to create her portfolio?) Did she ever stand in a kilometer long line for an audition? Ask her if she ever gave an audition in her life? If yes, to whom?


Pancholi even made claims that it’s because of him that Kangana got the movie ‘Gangster’!

I sent her picture to Rajesh Grover and asked him to find her some work. Sahi time par picture bheja tune kyunki Bhatt saab ek film ke liye ek ladki ki talaash mein hain. The hero was Emraan Hashmi and the film was being directed by Anurag Basu. It was Gangster.

 Rajesh Grover took her to meet them and there she also met Anurag Basu. Ye bolti hai, Main coffee ad ka audition de rahi thi aur woh auditions ke baad main doosre models ke saath Bhatt saab ke office gayi’. Yeh saraasar jhooth hai.

However, by this time we all are aware that the Ranaut sisters are unstoppable! Both Kangana and Rangoli have never minced their words. Whether it’s on camera or on any social media platform, they have always spoken their minds.


Kangana might not be on any social media platforms but her sister Rangoli is enough to speak for her. Rangoli blasted Aditya Pancholi for making false claims and has beaten the shit out of him with her series of tweets.

Here’s what Rangoli has written in her tweets,









People who think that they can suppress women’s voices should know that their time has gone. Rangoli is not going to take any bullshit. The Ranaut sisters are unstoppable and enemies should accept defeat!