Do You Know That The Random Numbers That Appear On Your TV Screen Has A Reason Behind It?

9:43 pm 12 Feb, 2018


Have you ever noticed the seemingly random, often irritating, set of numbers that appear, from time to time, on your TV screen while watching live match or shows? They automatically appear and disappear on the screen. Do you know what those numbers are and what they mean? Well, those set of numbers actually has a reason behind it!

A random strip of numbers in the form of 000-8869-1635-99, as shown in the image below. Now you got it where they appear, right? Do you know what those numbers are and what they mean?


Those seemingly random set of numbers are basically used by the content providers to avoid and detect piracy.

The numbers that appear in the corner of our television screen are a part of anti-piracy measures taken by channel providers. The numbers are unique for every region and are generated using an algorithm by the channel. Once generated, these unique numbers are inserted into the video streaming at random points so that it can’t be taken down using video processing algorithms.



This is done so if someone attempts to replicate the video being broadcast either with a camera or a screen recording device, these ‘random’ numbers will then be a part of the copy.

Thus, by using these unique numbers, the company or the content providers can track down the place of recording or people responsible for capturing content off-air and replaying it over the internet or on any other means without permission.

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