Amid Chaos And Cash Crunch, This Ranchi Hospital Offers Free Treatment To Patients

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10:18 am 12 Nov, 2016

Amid reports of people dying because they could not arrange the desired cash needed since banks are facing cash crunch and ATMs are dry, a hospital in Ranchi has set an example by providing free treatment and healthcare facilities to patients.



The move by the hospital is significant given the recent reports of patients dying because they couldn’t arrange smaller denomination notes.


In one such case, a road accident victim, Raju, died at Victoria Hospital, Bengaluru on November 12, as he could not get timely treatment for want of blood. His family members have claimed that the staff at the M S Ramaiah Hospital blood bank refused to give them blood components as they had only the demonitised Rs 500 denomination notes.



“They asked me to pay Rs 3,000 for one unit of blood. I had only Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denomination notes. The staff at the blood bank told me that they would provide it only if I give Rs 100 notes,” Rahu’s friend Lakshminarasimahiah said.

The chaos and confusion that followed the second straight day with poor cash flow, has led to death of two people in separate incidents in Maharashtra and Kerala. According to reports, a 73-year-old man died of heart attack in Mulund, whereas a 48-year-old man fell off from the second floor of a bank in Kerala while trying to deposit old notes.



Despite RBI claiming sufficient amount of currency, ATMs of various banks all across the country were found to be out of service and not dispensing money, forcing people to return empty-handed. And the cash in few ATMs, which were filled up on November 11, exhausted soon due to hordes of people trying to get cash.

Bank branches and post offices all across India witnessed serpentine queues of customers, waiting to get the new denomination currency.

People could withdraw only up to Rs 2000 from the ATMs which worked, but it was of no use since most of the vendors, traders and shopkeepers showed reluctance to accept it in the absence of small denomination notes with them for the return of balance.

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