7 Reasons Why Deepika Has Better Chemistry With Ranbir Than Ranveer

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8:54 pm 11 Dec, 2015

Ranbir’s detached consciousness mixed with Deepika’s mindfulness makes their pairing sublime. Without a flicker of hate after their break-up, they still love each other’s company. Their acceptance and maturity shows in the performances as well.

On the other side, the hyper and crazy Ranveer experienced some jealous pangs as ‘Tamasha’ became a success. With ‘Bajirao Mastani’ releasing next Friday, the comparisons are bound to happen.

Before you judge my opinion, I want to tell you that I have unconditional love and respect for Ranveer, Ranbir and Deepika. May be little more for Deepika.


1. Together, they look like a free flowing dream

Since ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’, their reel romance ignited the flame of innocent love in our souls. Every scene they act together, they push the endless boundary of intensity and blanket us with their magnetism.


2. Their acting is full of depth and divinity.

Both these actors are extraordinary. Their mystical talent displays their love and reverence for cinema. Both Ranbir and Deepika, truthfully and compassionately, fitted themselves in the characters of ‘Ved’ and ‘Tara’ and centered us with their divine chemistry.


3. Ranveer says Ranbir and Deepika’s chemistry lacks sensousness. I don’t agree.

Their intense and passionate love scene in ‘Tamasha’ was way better than the raunchy smooch in ‘Ramleela’. And the explosion of emotions which they created before the kiss was riveting.


4. Their chemistry didn’t change even after their break-up.

After ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ and post their break-up, we saw Deepika in a whirling chaos of depression but she never let this effect her strong professionalism and they reunited in ‘Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani’ and created a beautiful atmosphere of romance.


5. They are more addictive as a couple.

We will never get bored of them. We love the calm aura they create and we wish that their film stories become our real love stories as well.


6. Ranveer and Deepika’s chemistry also possesses the same madness but lacks maturity.

‘Ramleela’ just portrayed the uncontrollable and crazy sexual desires between them but lacked the matureness of emotions. And we still don’t know whether they are in a relationship or not; they look as confused as the media. I guess they need to find their space to have natural chemistry.


7. I love Ranveer and I hope he can change our views after ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

His high energy levels and insane enthusiasm are so infectious. We all salute his hardwork and dedication, he continued shooting for ‘Bajirao Mastani’ despite intense pain in his right shoulder, which he injured when he fell from a horse.

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