Finally, Ranbir Talks About His Break Up With Katrina And Why He’d Love to Work With Her Again

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4:44 pm 19 Aug, 2016

This year started off with a downhearted Bollywood news, the about-to-be-married couple Ranbir and Katrina called off their relationship. For fans and everybody, it was disheartening to see their ideal couple breaking up unexpectedly. Since then, the couple chose to be silent but their silence was disrespected, and became media’s delight. Soon after, all the baseless allegations like Neetu Kapoor was responsible for their break up or Ranbir’s closeness with Deepika blinded us and the truth, somewhere, never surfaced.

Finally, months after the break up, Ranbir Kapoor, in a close and candid interview with Rajeev Masand slaughtered all the baseless rumours. The interview was held at Raj Kapoor’s old home. Remembering all the grizzled memories, Ranbir shared his fun moments with his grandfather and also, expressed what Katrina means to him:

“I’ve not even said that I’ve broken up you know, don’t feel the need to talk about it. My personal life is very dear to me and what my relationship with Katrina is, was and will always be very influential in my life. Whatever I shared with her, I hold it very dear to me, there is no sense of bitterness, no negativity”

Even thought they had parted ways, her respect for Katrina has not reduced even by an inch:

“It was really punctured by a lot of things – by baseless rumours and reports and perceptions and points-of-view. It hurt, because I think after my parents, she’s been the most influential, most motivational entity in my life.”

He also talked about his failures in films and why he needs to unlearn his art and tricks to get back in form. Yes, his confidence is low and he calls himself stuck between “What if” and “Fuck it” but his immense belief in his natural talent still stands tall.

Watch the complete video below and you just cannot stop yourself from loving him again:

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