GoT’s Ramsay Bolton To Play The Role Of Adolf Hitler In ‘Adolf The Artist’

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5:22 pm 22 Apr, 2016


In a news that will not surprise any Game of Thrones (GoT) fan, Iwan Rheon, the man who plays sadistic Ramsay Bolton in the series is going to play the role of Adolf Hitler in an upcoming British TV movie, ‘Adolf the Artist.’


A still from movie 'Adolf The Artist'Mugglenet

A still from movie ‘Adolf The Artist’ Mugglenet

In the past seasons of GoT, Rheon with his incredible acting talent has made Ramsey one of the most hated characters of the series .


The character of Hitler falling in his lap fits perfectly with his role in GOT.

But what must be noted is that ‘Adolf the Artist’ is a story about Hitler before the war and before he became the dictator we hate.






Though there is still a lot to be known about the project, from the facts that have come out so far, ‘Adolf the Artist’ is a comedy that will follow the life of a young Hitler as he travels to Vienna with the hopes of developing his artistic skill.

The movie that is based mostly on facts that were revealed in Hitler’s autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ leads us with young Hitler when he tries gaining an entry to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.




Though in real life, Rheon is known to be a gentleman and a nice guy, his character in GoT in his own words is “Apparently scarier than a White Walker… a giant… and a dragon”.


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Hopefully, we will see that view of ours change with his new role.