Twitteratis Troll Ramdev After He Requests Boycott Of Chinese Products Using An iPhone

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:15 pm

Baba Ramdev can be rightly credited for giving yoga an unprecedented popularity. Keeping intact our culture and tradition, he made us aware of the benefits that our natural herbs have and introduced Patanjali products which are way cheaper than the videsi products intact with harmful chemicals.




Recently, when China expressed its desire to back Pakistan if in case any Indo-Pak war takes place, people started boycotting Chinese products.

Baba Ramdev took to Twitter and urged his followers to boycott Chinese products. He also stated that China earns money from India and help Pakistan and hence every Indian should boycott those products.

The only mistake Baba Ramdev committed was that he tweeted from his iPhone and Twitteratis couldn’t help but troll him for this irony.




Boycott Chinese products so you can launch ‘Patanjali’ alternatives!



Yoga se hoga!






Do take care the next time, Ramdev ji!



Ramdev ji, do remeber to change your phone the next time you tweet!