The Future Is Here: Ramdev Products Dated 20 October, 2016 Hit The Shelves

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10:45 am 9 Mar, 2016


While Ramdev was having a blast with Shilpa Shetty,



His co-workers at the Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. got a bit distracted and made a tiny error. Recently, two 1 kg packs of Amla Murabba with the manufacturing date 20 October, 2016 and the expiry date 19 October, 2017 printed on them, were gathered from a retail store in Lucknow.

Patanjali Product







Dr Shiv Kumar Verma, Drug Inspector, Directorate of Ayurveda, UP said, 

Furnishing wrong information about the product ultra vires the provisions of the Drug & Cosmetic Act.


Now, samples of other products like soan paapdi, cow’s milk ghee and turmeric powder have also been taken from different stores in the same city for quality tests.

Earlier, there have been complaints of the presence of fungus in a bottle of ghee and presence of insects in a packet of Patanjal Atta Noodles at Hisar.

I know Ramdev won’t listen to us, so it’s better Shilpa Shetty share her words of wisdom.



Source : The Quint