Baba Ramdev To Launch ‘Patanjali’ Noodles On Oct 15, Before Maggi’s Possible Relaunch

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1:44 pm 10 Oct, 2015

Taking the next big step in his business venture Patanjali Ayurveda, yoga guru Baba Ramdev announced that his much awaited line of instant noodles would be launched next week.

Keeping the base prise at a Rs.15, it seems Ramdev would be attempting to capture the huge market gap created in the wake of the Nestle Maggi scandal.

Maggi was the indomitable market leader till a few months back when they had to go off shelves following regulatory orders.


Talking about this huge venture and announcing the launch date of the noodles, Ramdev reiterated the catch line of the new noodles:

Jhat pat pakao, aur befikr khao.” (Cook quickly and eat without a worry.)

When asked about the growing health concerns that people of India are now facing due to their instant food culture, the yoga guru claimed his brand of noodle has no added MSG and lead.

Nestle has almost lost the market of one of their biggest products in India – Maggi noodles – after food regulator FSSAI found excess level of lead and taste enhancer MSG in their product.

Maggie carried a ‘No MSG’ tag on their packets, which made the situation worse for them.

While Nestle is looking to relaunch their product by December again, Patanjali would be looking to capture some of their market before they can make a comeback.

Talking about his new noodles Ramdev said:

“We will launch Patanjali noodles on October 15. It is made from whole wheat flour (atta), not like noodles of other companies which are made up of maida and has only 10 per cent atta.”

He said that his brand of noodles is prepared using rice-bran oil and not “cheap and inferior palm oil as used by others”.

“We are working on the principles of swadeshi, where we work for the betterment and health of the country,” Ramdev claimed.

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