Ramchandra Guha Posted This Comment Against PM Modi, And Twitterati, Obviously, Didn’t Like It

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Historian Ramchandra Guha has been trolled by Modi supporters after he tweeted against PM Narendra Modi.

Guha had accused Modi of self-promotion in a tweet posted on Monday.


Ramchandra Guha. NDTV

He had tweeted following an RTI revelation that BJP had spent Rs.11 crores for advertising its work.

However, Twitterati slammed the tweet and showed their support for PM Narendra Modi.

One user, in fact, commented that self-promotion is better than awarding self with a Bharat Ratna.

Ramchandra Guha was also called an ally of Congress party.

There was more:

Guha has been a critic of Modi government. He had earlier called Modi government an “anti-intellectual” party. Although he said that he praises Modi government for its work for the nation, he accused PM Modi for not taking any steps to distance his party from the RSS.

Guha also said that he is worried that India is becoming a “Hindu Pakistan”, a tag that obviously did not go well with the people.

In January 2016, Guha had commented:

“This government is arguably the most anti-intellectual (administration) we ever had. All three (rationalist Narendra Dabholkar, CPI leader Govind Pansare and writer and scholar MM Kalburgi) were killed by rightwing Hindu groups for expressing their views.”

Responding to the killings of intellectuals last year and the government’s failure to safeguard the writers, Guha said that the Modi government is hostile to the writers’ community. He also added that such killings are not peculiar to Modi government but same across the board.