Ramayan Is Being Made In ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Style And You Too Can Be A Part Of It

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7:26 pm 18 Mar, 2016

Remember ‘Lord of the Rings’? It still remains one of the most breathtakingly beautiful film trilogy ever made, with its epical story, awe-inspiring actions, and mind-numbing special effects.




Even though India has two rich epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata (and I would say they are the best ever written in human history), we do not yet have a movie on them of the scale of LOTR.

Yes, they have been churning serials since the late 80s on the two sagas but all of them lack the grandiosity that took ‘Baahubali’ to cinematic greatness.




So a small group of enthusiastic film-makers are out to make Ramayana in the same Hollywood-esque way it deserves to be told on celluloid. And you can be a part of this.

Sean Graham, the director of the hit music video ‘I’m an Albatross’ is a co-director of ‘The Ramayan’ – a short film on the epic. He is joined at the helm by Vineet Sinha of ‘For Here or To Go?’ fame.


They have with them a very talented bunch of experts who are working tirelessly on the props and other aspects to give the international touch to ‘The Ramayan’. It includes weapons made from the very same factory that produces the steel for ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Star Wars’ films.


This is why they are in need of funds and are seeking it through crowd-funding website Wishberry.


Creative Director Ronnie Allman trying on a costume. Facebook/RamayanTheFilm

Creative Director Ronnie Allman trying on a costume. Facebook/RamayanTheFilm

One can make a small contribution of Rs.750 to a maximum of Rs.5 lakh. Each contribution brings with it special rewards from the team. For instance, whosoever contributes Rs.750 gets sticker packs and mention on the official social media pages and the website of the film.

Those who contribute Rs.5 lakh will be credited as co-producer and will be the chief guest at the film’s premier, which will be held at San Francisco, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.


Artistic diagrams of the weapons to be used in the film. Wishberry

Artistic diagrams of the weapons to be used in the film. Wishberry

The makers feel that Ramayana is a story worth retelling on a grand scale but in the way it was actually written by Valmiki thousands of years ago.

And they believe that it won’t cost much, which is why their target is just Rs.50 lakh. Not too much for what they promise will show Hanuman in a way you have never seen before.


The movie will be made in English for a global audience, and will be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, French and several other Indian and international languages.

You can make your contribution here. But before that, see and hear what the makers have to say:



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