What Ram Rahim Did In Court After Being Sentenced Is Proof that He Is Totally A Nautanki Baba

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7:18 pm 28 Aug, 2017


The chief of the religious group, Dera Sacha Sauda and “godman”, Gurmeet Ram Rahim aka Guru Ram Rahim Singh Insaan, has been sentenced to 20 years in jail and fined Rs 30 Lakh. It’s the victory of truth over evil. The Indian judicial system restored our faith in them after sentencing the fake Guru with the maximum punishment.


The so-called religious guru has now been shifted to jail and we hope he spends the next 20 years in jail and suffers for all the crimes he has committed. The guru, as well as the followers who were really sure that they will get away with everything they did, couldn’t bear the sentence. As soon as the court passed its judgment, the fake baba started his drama.

Ram Rahim Singh Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail.



From crying to refusing to leave the courtroom, Ram Rahim Singh did every idiotic thing to fool others emotionally. As soon as the court announced its judgment, Ram Rahim broke down in court and started crying endlessly. The self-acclaimed Baba refused to leave the courtroom and held on to his chair.

According to the source,

 He even refused to leave the courtroom after the judgment was read out. He held on to his chair, howling and refusing to leave. Ram Rahim was described as “bawling outside the court”. Security personnel warned that he would be taken to the jail forcibly if he did not cooperate. The Dera Chief sat on the floor outside the court and refused to get up. After repeated warnings, the cops had no option but to drag him inside the court.

When nothing worked, Ram Rahim pretended it to be a medical emergency but failed.

He even demanded medical attention when the cops started to take him away. He asked for his blood pressure to be checked.”I need urgent medical help and the state will be responsible if anything happens to me,” he said. After his demands, the Chief Medical Officer conducted another round of checks on the Dera chief. She said there was no need for leniency on medical grounds. Ram Rahim was forcibly taken inside the prison premises.

The whole drama appears no less than a scene from a Bollywood movie. People are still saying that 20 years in jail is way too little for the crimes this baba has committed in the name of religion. However, from this, we all need to learn a lesson to believe in God and not in self-acclaimed Godmen/women.