Ram Rahim Threatened Jail Wardens To Allow Honeypreet To Be With Him

Updated on 30 Aug, 2017 at 5:51 pm


Shaken on being convicted for rape charges, the nefarious godman, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was spotted with his adopted daughter in the helicopter that took the conman to Rohtak’s Sonaria jail from a court in Panchkula on August 25. What came to light later was that Ram Rahim, on reaching the jail, is reported to have threatened the jail authorities of dire consequences if Honeypreet Singh was barred from staying with him in the jail.

Honeypreet with Ram Rahim inside the chopper India Today


The self-styled godman threatened the Director General of Sonaria jail of using his connections with the chief minister and other big politicians to have him suspended, when the latter refused entry to Honeypreet after a couple of hours.

According to Sanjiv Mahajan, a reporter, who first spotted Honeypreet with Ram Rahim inside the chopper:

“As soon as Baba was convicted of rape, an application was filed by his lawyers saying that Baba has a back ache and suffers from migraine for which he be given a one-plus-one attendant. The CBI judge did not give any orders, citing it outside his jurisdiction, and that if Honeypreet willingly wants to stay with him, then government or the concerned jail authority can give approval.”

Mahajan adds that Honeypreet accompanied Ram Rahim to the Rohtak jail but after a couple of hours, she was asked to leave the jail –

“She stayed their for two-and-a-half hours, after which the DG objected and she was taken away.


“Sources say that Baba became furious at Honeypreet not being allowed to stay with him. He threatened to make phone calls, but the police did not give him access to any phone He then threatened that he would talk to the chief ministers and others to get the jail authorities suspended.”

The jail authorities did not pay heed to the godman’s threats and discharged their duty in accordance with the jail rule book.

The jail manual bars any female from being allowed to stay back, when a male relative is in prison. However, the jail authorities permitted Honeypreet to stay back for two and a half hours at a VIP retiring room with Ram Rahim.

Later, when Ram Rahim was deported to the jail from the rest room, Honeypreet was barred from accompanying her adopted “father”.