Ram Gopal Varma Shames Female Journalist For Not Giving ‘Veerappan’ A Good Review

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7:32 pm 29 May, 2016

Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma has been in the news many times for his controversial tweets.

His latest tweets attacking a female journalist is being condemned because he publicly shamed a journalist for not giving his movie, ‘Veerappan’, a positive review.


A still from movie VeerappanMovie Veerapan

A still from movie Veerappan Movie Veerapan

Varma has been re-tweeting posts that are in praise of ‘Veerappan’.


But Varma did something uncool with journalist Shilpa Jamkhandikar.

He not only criticized her review but also used a screenshot of her photograph and shamed her for her looks.


Even after people started to criticize him for his tweet, he refused to apologize:


Looking at the outcry, RVG soon deleted both his tweets but instead followed up with some absurd reasoning.



And, he even blamed Donald Trump.



But even while apologizing for his tweets, it made audience wonder if he was genuinely apologizing or just being sarcastic about it as he finished his rant with this:


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