Ram Gopal Varma Insults Tiger Shroff And Vidyut Jammwal. Then The Tables Get Turned

7:17 pm 12 Apr, 2017


Whenever Ram Gopal Varma speaks, he ensures that his statement goes viral on the social media.

It seems that RGV is extremely obsessed with social media popularity and wants to stay on the top of controversy.




This time, RGV has set both Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jammwal in his crosshairs.


This is how he started his series of tweets on the actors:


He said that Tiger will prevail:



RGV went further and insulted Vidyut on social media:



When the tweets went viral, Vidyut posted this tweet and silenced RGV:


In the audio clip Vidyut posted, RGV is heard insulting Tiger Shroff. RGV is heard calling Vidyut Jammwal the biggest and the greatest MAN ever and Tiger Shroff being the biggest and greatest WOMAN ever.

As the sensational audio clip went viral, RGV understood that the show is no longer in his hand. He then apologised to both the celebrities:




What do you think RGV was trying to achieve? Was he actually exhorting the two to fight? And is it really a good idea if the two martial arts experts actually face off?

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