Disney’s ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ Movie Has Brought 14 Princesses Together For The First Time

11:56 am 27 Nov, 2018


When somebody says Disney, I cannot help but remember the movies which I had watched when I was a child. I’ll admit it, I have watched almost every Disney movie, especially the one which had princesses. The list definitely includes Tangled, Snow White, Moana, Frozen and Cinderella! Also, movies like Cars, Toy Story, Dumbo and Wreck it Ralph have been a delight too. Speaking of Wreck it Ralph, I cannot be happier since another movie from the same franchise has hit the theatres. I am talking about Ralph Breaks The Internet. The trailer of the popular movie was released sometime back on YouTube and it had garnered a lot of likes and much kudos from the viewers.

So, if you are a Disney fan, I’ll tell you a little secret, to let you know this movie is special. Well, here’s the thing, in this movie you will see all the Disney princesses till now.




There will be Snowhite, Ariel, Moana, Elsa, and other princesses too. What makes things more interesting is that they are reportedly going to interact with each other too. Isn’t it exciting?



There is a proper scene where we would be seeing the Disney princesses having a reunion. Furthermore, there’s another reason to rejoice! Well, the artists who voiced for the respective characters will remain the same. However, Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White are an exception.



For those who somehow skipped the trailer of  the movie, just click on the link below:




It is really going to be interesting to see the movie, after all, it’s a Disney movie we are talking about! For the record, the movie directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston has already hit the ticketing window on November 21. Also, after watching the trailer, are you going to book your show for Ralph Breaks The Internet soon? Let us know in the comments section below.