Rakhi Sawant Wants To Be A Pornstar Now. God Help Porn

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7:50 pm 11 Feb, 2016

Rakhi Sawant has stayed in the limelight because of her unmatched talent to create controversies and invite attention. As items songs are slowly fading away in Bollywood, she is left with no choice but to switch her profession. She even launched her own political party, the Rashtriya Aam Party, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections but tasted defeat.

Recently, Aamir showed an interest in working with Sunny Leone and when Rakhi Sawant was asked her take on this, she replied:


You heard it right, she wants to join the porn industry. Rakhi, all we can say is that don’t take this desperate step but instead work on your acting skills so that your talent lands you a good role in Aamir Khan’s movie.

Because if we see you in a porn movie, we might just blow up.

Dear Rakhi, don’t make such terrifying  jokes. Ever.