Rakhi Sawant’s Hot Bodysuit Images On International Yoga Day Is Something That Can’t Be Missed

8:40 pm 21 Jun, 2018


The world is celebrating the International Yoga Day today and our social media feeds are filled with images of people doing yoga. Thanks to PM Modi and Baba Ramdev who are now considered the pioneers behind the International Yoga Day, millions observed the day with great excitement. On national level, Rajasthan created a world record bringing over a lakh of people together at a yoga session to mark the International Day of Yoga.

And it was not only politicians, celebrities too shared their photos and videos doing yoga. Below is the picture of PM Modi doing yoga.



If we talk about celebrities, how could we miss Bollywood’s drama queen anyhow? We are talking about none other than Rakhi Sawant! Rakhi is one lady who never stays behind when it comes to making the headlines. She either talks controversial or does something even more controversial to remain in news. So this yoga day Rakhi Sawant did something noteworthy. She did a few yoga postures and quiet nailed it.



However, there is still something about Rakhi Sawant that has grabbed everybody’s attention. It is not her yoga postures, but her pungent red outfit! Take a look at some of her pictures below!




Rakhi is wearing a red bodysuit that shows her curves. However, like in every other outfit, in this outfit too, Rakhi looks confident and daring! Here is another picture!



The bodysuit has lines and cuts in the middle while the side are open. She looks extremely dedicated to yoga as she exercises.


One more!



It looks like Rakhi is a dedicated yoga person!