Rakhi Sawant Wants Zaira Wasim To Answer Her ‘Sensible’ Questions About Alleged ‘Molestation’

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10:15 pm 15 Dec, 2017


Few days back, Secret Superstar actress Zaira Wasim was allegedly “molested” on board a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. A man sitting behind her touched her “inappropriately” with his foot. She later narrated her experience on Instagram via a live video. Wasim was seen sobbing in a video that sparked outrage on social media. While many came out in support of her, some criticised her for the timing of her reaction. She had shared the details of the alleged incident only after landing which led many to question whether it was a publicity stunt.


Rakhi Sawant has now reached out to Wasim, who shot to fame through her role as a child wrestler in the 2016 blockbuster Bollywood drama “Dangal”. She has aksed some sensible and valid questions that she wants Zaira to answer.

Rakhi asked:

“Zaira, 17, was troubled by a co-passenger whose name I believe is Vikas. Why did she wait to land in Mumbai before sobbing her grief into the social media? She should’ve yelled and screamed and created havoc on the flight rather than wait for later. The minute the incident happened she should’ve slapped the man. I’d have slapped him and shouted for the co-passengers and cabin crew to gather around me. Ek aadmi kharaab hai toh baki log to flight mein achche hain na (if one man is misbehaving on flight there are other decent people on board). Why didn’t Zaira raise a ruckus then and there? Why wait? And why weep like a baby?”


She also questioned Wasim’s reaction:


“In Dangal, Aamir Khan taught her how to fight. Zaira is the Dangal girl, not some wimpy cry-baby, trying to get public sympathy by weeping. She should’ve beaten the hell out of the offender.”


At the same time, she cleared the airline from all the charges as she has travelled a lot by Vistara. She said:

“I travel a lot by Vistara. They are a very decent lot. Their cabin crew is polite and considerate. Their pilots are efficient. I can’t understand how or why the incident with Zaira was allowed to escalate out of hand.”

Rakhi was all praise for the swift action of police:

“A celebrity child of 17 has a complaint about harassment. The alleged offender is nabbed and put in custody within hours. A poor little unknown girl of 5 is raped and killed. The offender roams around freely days after the gruesome crime. What is happening in our country? Somewhere priorities are very twisted. Kuch toh sharm karo (show some shame).”



Clearly, it will be too early to pass on any judgment as more facts in this particular case should be allowed to surface.