Rakhi Sawant Introduces Her NRI Beau As PM Modi’s ‘Damaad’ In An Instagram Video

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2:55 pm 19 Dec, 2017


Queen of controversies, Rakhi Sawant, loves getting attention. And even she doesn’t get it, she very well knows how to grab it by doing something awry. The self proclaimed diva has yet again done something awry that has caught the media attention.

Rakhi Sawant. TheStatesman

A few days ago, she uploaded a video on her Instagram page in which she introduced her groom to the world. In the video, she also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is his fan.

The man Rakhi Sawant has introduced has her groom. Instagram

As if all that wasn’t enough, she addressed the PM asking him to meet his “son-in-law”. Yes! Indirectly, Rakhi said that PM Modi is or is like her father and therefore her “dulha” is his “damaad”. Watch the video in the Instagram post below:

Last year in August, Rakhi Sawant had hit the headlines for wearing a short dress with pictures of PM Modi placed strategically on it at a pre-Independence Day celebrations in Chicago. Her pictures had gone viral on the internet.

Rakhi Sawant flaunts a dress having PM Modi’s pictures. TheIndianExpress

As per a report by India Today, at that time, Rakhi Sawant had told Firstpost that she had worn this dress to impress Narendra Modi. She had also said that Modi is her dream man.

PM Narendra Modi. IndiaToday

A few weeks later, an FIR was lodged at Kankroli police station of  against Rakhi for “allegedly indulging in obscenity and defaming the PM”. Rakhi has time and again expressed her fondness for PM Modi and her desire of joining the BJP.

This new Instagram video of her is yet another attempt that she has spoken about Modi. And as she did that, social media could not resist reacting. Here are some reactions to her video:

Well, many commentors thought that the man in the video is a Uber driver. Do you think this could be so? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!



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