Rakhi Sawant’s Opinion On Salman’s Rape Comment Is As Weird As She Is

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:56 pm

Yeah. Yeah. I know. Salman is in no mood to apologize for his infamous words “When I used to walk out of the ring after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman”. But media is media, it will stretch the story till the next century and perhaps more.

While we were almost (at least trying) to get over this controversy, reporters, hungry for chatpati news, did what was very much expected from them.

“Hello, Rakhi ma’am, your opinion?”



Yeah they did.

Intially Rakhi started giving the “I-am-Salman-Khan-fan” lecture:

“He is a legend. He has been wrongly targeted because his film is releasing soon. He has Narendra Modi by his side, nothing will ever happen to him. It was a slip of the tongue. It’s better we arrest people who are committing rape crimes everyday.”

Dear Rakhi, your sweet words for him won’t land you a film, then, why this partiality? Had this statement been made by a common man, you would have lodged an FIR by now.

Further, when reporters stressed that she being a woman herself should not blindly support him, she gave an unexpected reply:

“I don’t think Salman Khan has said this. I promise you that Salman Khan hasn’t said this. It’s like he did a lip movement, like it was done to Karan Johar and all (referring to the AIB Roast which also had Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor), and abusive language was dubbed over whatever they were saying. In the same way, Salman has just done the lip movement and someone else has dubbed over him.”

Wow, what a twist! She better be a script writer now!



Fear kills honesty.

Watch the full video to hear Rakhi’s undying support for Salman:


Rakhi, you are ever changing.