Rakhi Sawant Exposes Ram Rahim Singh, Says She Has Visited ‘Baba Ki Gufa’

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1:34 pm 21 Sep, 2017

Not more than a month back, the special CBI court exposed the evil deeds of fake godman, Ram Rahim Singh. The so-0called baba’s followers tried threatening the court and the decision makers by creating havoc. However, the judiciary’s decision stayed unaffected and sent Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh behind the bars for 20 years. The fake father-daughter duo of Ram Rahim and Honeypreet also got exposed and people got to know that they were sexually related and Honeypreet was the woman who helped Ram Rahim to carry on his evil deeds in his gufa. 


Now, another name has got involved in the controversy. The famous drama queen, Rakhi Sawant, exposing the fake godman has made some serious accusations. The actress has claimed that she knew Ram Rahim has been a fake godman,

Yes, I’ve known them well for years. I am best qualified to expose Ram Rahim and his so-called daughter. Initially I was introduced to them as father and daughter. Lekin bahot jald hi mujhe daal mein kuch kala laga (very soon I realized that something was amiss). There was nothing father-daughter about their behaviour. I also visited Sirsa, to see Baba’s secret gufa (cave). He told me he performs all his pujas there. Later I came to know that this is where he rapes all those poor innocent children. I was so shocked and repulsed, I didn’t know what to do.


Blaming the rape victim’s parents, Rakhi said,

The children would go back and tell their parents about the kaand (misdeeds) done to them. But the parents would send them right back to this Baba. Do you know why? Because they were bribed. And you know what the bribe was? Daru (alcohol). They would be swinging and swaying drunk, while their daughters were crying for help. This is our India.


Claiming that she has once visited Ram Rahim Singh’s gufa, Rakhi revealed,

I was once invited to the Marriott to meet Ram Rahim by his secretary C P Arora and guess what I saw in Baba’s room? Viagra! What was Viagra doing in a godman’s room? Mera toh dimaag hil gaya (my mind was boggled). I decided that I will expose him one day, so here I am.

Rakhi and her brother Rakesh Sawant have decided to make Ram Rahim Singh’s biopic. Rakhi Sawant will be playing Honeypreet’s role in the movie. Talking about the movie, the actress said,

I agree it all happened suddenly. But I felt we needed to expose Ram Rahim and his so-called daughter’s kale kartoot (evil deeds) so that the public doesn’t fall for such evil godmen. When my brother came up with the idea I immediately latched on to it. Yes , my brother Rakesh Sawant is directing the film. We’ve named the film Ab Insaan Hoga. We shot an item song Bewafaa (she sings the opening  line and we go wow!). The film will be called Ab Insaaf Hoga… Bewafa Item.


Revealing the movie’s plot, the actress said,

Then  the whole story will be revealed. We’ve found an actor who looks like a carbon copy of Baba Ram Rahim, ekdum ditto. Same hair, walk, talk everything. Audiences will be fooled. They will wonder, yeh kahaan se aa gaya?

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