Rakhi Sawant Wears A Dress With Narendra Modi Imprinted On It And Becomes The Butt Of Jokes, Literally

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11:10 am 11 Aug, 2016

The only talent that Rakhi Sawant possessed is the ability to get everyone’s attention for no reason. She just gave us a pre-independence day shock by wearing a politically strong and controversially short dress at the Independence day celebrations in Illinois, USA. She was invited there as a chief guest. I guess either the organisers are dumb or Rakhi was the only cheap actress who could fit their budget.

During the event, she posted these indecent photos on Instagram(which was so much expected of her!):


Well,  if this was not gross for you, then, this definitely will be:


As the photos went viral, Twitterati waited no time to troll her:

Modiji must be thinking:



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