Rakhi Sawant Asked Baba Ramdev To Make Vegetarian Bra And Panties For Women’s Safety

4:36 pm 29 Oct, 2018


There are numerous times when Rakhi Sawant has said things that are not only absurd but funny as well. No wonder many say that she is suffering from verbal diarrhea. Just after accusing actress Tanushree Dutta of being a lesbian and raping her 12 years ago, and introducing a lock to protect women from sexual abuse, she has now come up with yet another interesting thing. You know what?

The controversial actress has now reportedly urged Baba Ramdev to make vegetarian bra and panties equipped with eye sensors to protect women’s dignity. Sounds bizarre, right?



It seems Rakhi Sawant told this to an entertainment website while mentioning about her infamous lock video about women safety on Instagram. The report quoted the controversial actress as saying:


“I request Baba Ramdev to make vegetarian bra and panties for women in India which will be equipped with an eye sensor that will scan a man’s (specifically a woman’s boyfriend or husband) retina to open it as per his convenience.”



Recently, just after making the seemingly false accusations against Tanushree Dutta in the wake of #MeToo movement in India, Rakhi posted a disgusting video on her Instagram account where she can be seen dancing wearing chains and a lock on pink undergarments suggesting women should wear it to avoid rape. Well, it is not something one would want to ever see, but if you must, take a look below.



However, what is interesting that while Rakhi was brutally trolled for making insensitive comments about a serious issue like #MeToo movement in India and trivializing the movement, she remained unfazed with the criticism. She even went on to say that she is ready for police or CBI or any other form of investigation to find out the truth.




While many have called her a liar and making claims just for the sake of publicity and gaining media attention, we also wonder why and what makes Rakhi continue doing all these things for cheap publicity. Is it time for Rakhi Sawant to maintain herself?