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Why Rajnath Singh’s Response To Shuchi Singh Kalra Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Published on 12 July, 2017 at 5:43 pm By

On Monday evening in Anantnag in south Kashmir, terrorists attacked a bus carrying Amarnath pilgrims. Seven of those pilgrims died and 19 others were injured.


People pay respects to Amarnath pilgrims. PTI


Seven innocent, unarmed Hindu pilgrims were killed by Islamist terrorists. This is reason enough for anyone with a heart to feel angry about. Day after day, reports of terrorists killing security forces in the Valley and elsewhere keep pouring in. Each of these attacks leave entire families shattered – brave mothers and proud fathers shed tears over the dead bodies of their sons or daughters who attain martyrdom in the line of duty.

And now when terrorists kill pilgrims, how would any normal human being react? With outrage, of course!

This is what many did – be it on social media, before TV news cameras, or within their communities. They expressed their anger, their frustration, their helplessness, and their fear against this daily dance of death in Kashmir.

Their emotions matter because what is happening in Kashmir is happening for decades now. They know that Pakistan sponsors terrorists. They know that terrorists have supporters within India. They know that there is a very powerful cartel of ‘seculars’ who are masters in defending Islamists and painting Hindus as the biggest threat to India.

In the middle of all of this, a normal, ordinary Indian expects the government to do justice. They expect, appropriately, that the government will punish the terrorists and those who back these enemies of humanity. “Enough with the words of sympathy or kadi ninda,” they say, “We want action.”

Now what if the government on whom they place their faith speaks a language which is perfected by the ‘secular’ cartel?

While the nation was mourning the death of the pilgrims, Home Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted this:


At a time when Hindu pilgrims died at the hands of terrorists, the country’s Home Minister – who is responsible for securing the nation internally – sends out a tweet praising ‘Kashmiriyat’. (I&B Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, too, had said that the killing of Amarnath pilgrims was an assault on ‘Kashmiriyat’.)

The responses proved that people didn’t appreciate the ‘Kashmiriyat’ remark.

One of those who responded was Shuchi Singh Kalra, the editor of Make My Trip. She posted this tweet, which has now been removed:

The tweet which Shuchi Kalra posted.

The language may have been a bit harsh, but there are many self-proclaimed ‘Liberals’, ‘Seculars’ and members of ‘Intelligentsia’ who uses far worse language, and use them for the government, the honorable Prime Minister and even the Indian armed forces.

The point is that Kalra simply called for the elimination of terrorists only; that’s what anyone can infer from “drag those cowards out and cull them”. (Being an editor of one of the most famous travel businesses in the country means that Kalra knows the meaning of words and what they refer to.) Of course, anyone who is truly an Indian and works hard for the development of this country would want the killing of terrorists! What’s wrong in it?

But the Home Minister thought otherwise. God (or those handling his Twitter handle) knows why, but the response of the Home Minister was this:

The good thing is that the Home Minister chose his words carefully and responsibly. There is no doubt that all Kashmiris are not terrorists. But wait a minute! Where in her tweet did Kalra say that all Kashmiris are terrorists?

So does Rajnath Singh’s tweet, though appropriate when seen in isolation, count as a valid response? Did the Home Minister misinterpret the tweet by Kalra? Whatever be the reason, within moments the Home Minister’s response started doing the rounds of the media under variations of the headline “Rajnath Singh Silences Troll”.



What is absolutely surprising is that the Home Minister was praised by some of those who are not known for praising the government or criticizing Islamists.

For some reason, Kalra deactivated her account. But a section of the Twitterati was enraged that an innocent Indian was hounded by the media and the self-proclaimed Liberal brigade for simply calling for the elimination of terrorists.

Many of them declared that they’ll boycott Make My Trip if Kalra is removed from her job. (It should be noted that those hounding Kalra had threatened to boycott if she is not removed.)

But it appears that Kalra is still with the travel organization. Her supporters on social media tweeted about it:

“The views expressed by Ms Suchi on Twitter are her personal thoughts and do not in anyway reflect the views of MakeMyTrip, however, we do regret the language used,” Make My Trip said in a statement.

That the Left liberal-secular cartel which labels all Hindus as terrorists if the victim is a Muslim but call for communal harmony even if the victims are Hindus killed by terrorists hounded Shuchi is undeniable. But let us come back to ‘Kashmiriyat’ tag once again.

Dainik Bhaskar published a report today which blew the lid off of the ‘Kashmiriyat’ excuse. The report is important for two reasons:

1. The report reveals that ‘Kashmiriyat’ does not exist. Yes, there are good Kashmiris, but there are bad Kashmiris, too!

The report quotes some of the passengers saying that the bus finally came to a stop near some shops. The passengers sought help from the shopkeepers and the locals but they did not come. “They ignored us. Some of them were even laughing or smiling. Our hopes were getting dashed when just on time the army came,” says the report.


2. The report clearly indicates that there was not one but at least three heroes who kept their cool and prevented more deaths.


You know the name of one – Salim Mirza. The other two are Harsh Desai and Mukesh Patel. Harsh is the son of the bus operator and Patel is the cleaner. It was Harsh who saw that the terrorists were about to fire and quickly pushed Mirza’s head down on the steering wheel thereby saving his life. Patel, on the other hand, helped Harsh – now injured by a bullet – keep the door of the bus locked while encouraging Mirza’s spirit. The rest was Mirza’s own courage.


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