Rajnath Singh Loses Cool In UP Rally; Threatens To Slap Members Of The Crowd

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 1:45 pm

Even as reports about Home Minister Rajnath Singh leading BJP in UP Assembly elections is making rounds, it seems its going to be a tough battle for both Rajnath and BJP as they just cant seem to crack the UP code.

While Singh has been a success as Home Minister, he appears to be having a hard time understanding his home state which he once ruled (2002).


In the last 14 years, people of UP have seemed to move back and forth between BSP and SP but have not given BJP a second chance.




In a recent rally in UP’s Mau district, Singh was trying his level best to please the audience with a speech about the neon-coated fertilizers.

While Singh was speaking, the crowd kept interrupting his speech and at times even start hooting.

Singh tried to ignore them but lost his cool soon and ended up sternly warning few members of the crowd to keep quiet or he will “slap them”.

This is what happened:


While the comment was given just in passing, one could understand Singh’s frustration, especially looking at the fact that UP is a wild card for BJP, and securing it once again would be huge task for Singh.