From Surviving On Biscuits To Countless Rejections, Rajkummar Rao Opens Up About His Life’s Struggle

11:30 am 10 Aug, 2018


Not all celebrities are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. There are scores of actors, singers, and filmmakers who had to go through a lot of struggle before they attained celebrity-status. Just like any other glamour and entertainment industry in the world, Bollywood also abounds with people who became stars and hit the big league by the sweat of their brows, one of them being critically acclaimed actor Rajkummar Rao.

The National Film Award-winning actor has proved one thing quite emphatically that if you decide to become something, there is nothing that can stop you. But before Rajkummar Rao became what he is today, he was just like the rest of strugglers in Mumbai: paying rent, living with roommates, and struggling for work.




Upon being asked how was the whole period before he got his first break in Bollywood, Rajkummar Rao says that things did not happen easily for him, but he enjoyed the whole phase:

“I struggled a lot. I wanted to act in the movies since my school days. I worked really hard to get into acting. I did theatre for three years. I did plays, in and outside of college. Then I studied at FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) and finally came to Mumbai and struggled for two years before LSD (Love Sex Aur Dhokha) happened. So, I have seen a lot of struggle. Things did not happen easily for me, but I enjoyed the whole period and learned a lot of things. I believe failure teaches us more than success.”



Currently, Rajkummar Rao is one of the most sought-after actors in Bollywood. He thanks God for helping him sail through the difficult phase.

“By the grace of God, things are moving smoothly for me at the moment. I still love acting as much as I loved it when I was starting out. For me, acting is not a job. It’s me. My identity is that of an actor and I want people to know me as an actor only.”



When you live far away from your family, what you miss the most, apart from your parents, is home-cooked food. When asked how did he manage his food during his struggle period, Rao flashbacks to old days and says:

“I used to live with a bunch of guys. I would cook noodles if I was really hungry. We all were looking for work. We didn’t come to Mumbai to be chefs (laughs). So, a lot of time would go into struggle and auditions. At times, we would order food from a nearby restaurant called Swadesh. If we had money, we would order food. When there was little money, we would make daal at home. And when there was no money, I had Parle-G at home to eat.”


Interviewing Rajkummar Rao was both inspiring and fun! So, I took this opportunity to get a selfie with this amazing actor.


Rajkummar Rao with fan



Last seen in Fanney Khan, Rajkummar Rao will next be seen in Dinesh Vijan’s horror-comedy Stree, opposite Shraddha Kapoor.