From Celebrating Birthday With Mom To Haunted Experience On Stree Sets, Rajkummar Rao Bares It All

8:30 am 28 Aug, 2018


Known for disappearing into the role within the blink of an eye, Rajkummar Rao needs no introduction. The actor, who entered the Hindi film industry with the Dibakar Banerjee-directed critically acclaimed film Love Sex Aur Dhokha in 2010, has established himself as one of the most versatile performers over the period of eight years. An eventful career, which started off with secondary characters and small supporting roles, has grown so big today that most of the film which Rajkummar Rao is doing at the moment, he is fronting them all alone.

Rajkummar Rao’s forthcoming film Stree, where he plays the male lead opposite scintillating Shraddha Kapoor, is round the corner for its theatrical release on August 31. Interestingly, the same day also happens to be Rao’s birthday.


Rajkummar Rao-1



So, upon being asked if he feels that Stree is going to be the biggest gift he has ever received on his birthday, the actor replied quite enthusiastically:

“Exactly! This is the best birthday gift I’ll ever receive. Ever since my childhood, I had only one dream that I wanted to be a part of the Indian film industry, and that dream has been fulfilled. Now one of my films Stree is releasing on my birthday. It’s a great feeling. I am getting this kind of gift after working in the industry for almost eight years. I am, of course, very happy.”



Rajkummar Rao goes on to add that while growing up, his mother would throw a party on his birthday. However, now he does not feel very special on about birthday anymore.  

“While growing up, birthdays were really special for me. I was the only one probably my mother would throw parties for. I used to be very excited for birthdays. Now, I think, the more you grow up, for some reasons, you don’t really feel special about birthdays anymore. So now, for the last couple of years, it has been only about celebrating it with loved ones, cutting cakes, and going out for dinners.”



As we all know that Rajkummar Rao’s next Stree is a horror-comedy. So did the actor have any supernatural experience while shooting for the film? Let’s read what he has to say:

“At the hotel, where we all stayed during our shoot in Bhopal, I was given some rules and regulations on paper. We were told not to wear perfumes and girls were not allowed to keep their hair open, and nobody will go anywhere all alone by themselves. You should only be in groups while you roam around. But once you enter that place, you can feel it. It’s in the air. You can feel some eeriness, something which is not right, especially when you are shooting at 2:30 am in the night.”

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