How Rajkummar Rao Is Breaking All Stereotypes Of The Bollywood Protagonist

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Updated on 22 Nov, 2017 at 11:40 pm


For many years we have been fans of cinema which was beyond reality. The hero had supernatural abilities, would sing songs, woo the love interest tactics and save the day. However, in recent times these stereotypes are being broken. Women centric films, movies with relatable stories and especially characters which seem to be taken right out of our lives have been welcomed. One such actor who has made this change possible, which is like breath of fresh air for cinema lovers, is Rajkummar Rao. He is breaking all the conventional norms which had about the archetypical Bollywood hero. How so? Let us have a look:

1. He is not tall and doesn’t have that macho personality.

We are used to seeing the Bollywood protagonist as a macho personality with drop, dead, gorgeous looks. Rajkummar Rao has none of those and yet he manages to look good always.


2. Offbeat movies and stories.


Take any of his movies and notice how the stories are not the usual ones we see on the big screen. With every performance, he raises the bar.


3. Does not necessarily get the girl in every movie.

Another thing we are used to seeing is how the hero gets the girl in the end. In Rajkummar’s movies, that happens very rarely.


4. No running around the trees.

Such a relief this one!


5. Alongside strong female leads.

Yes, the female leads of his movies aren’t the usual shy and damsel in distress type characters either. And sometimes, they are even given more limelight, importance or footage than him.


6. Shades of grey.

He doesn’t play the too good to be true type of characters. In fact, some of his roles have tended to be more on the grey side.


7. Not always a love story.

His movies don’t always have a love angle and that’s so much needed in an industry which has thrived purely on romance.


8. Sincere and believable acting+character.

The people who have watched ‘Newton’ or ‘Shahid’ will know best. There is no explanation required here.


9. Knows his flaws and accepts them.

The characters he portrays aren’t always the Mr. Perfectionist type of roles. His character has flaws, but he accepts them and even jokes about it.



With the recent release of yet another gem, ‘Shaadi mein Zaroor Aana’, he has broken these stereotypes once again!

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