Superstar Rajinikanth Follows Just One Minister On Twitter And He Is…

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4:49 pm 29 Jul, 2016

Rajinikanth, the biggest superstar, has just released his most awaited film ‘Kabali’. The movie as expected came out as a blockbuster and has broken all the release records till now. Rajinikanth, who was initially a bus conductor, became an actor and then there was no looking back. It took no time for him to become a god for his fans.

Have you ever observed Rajinikanth’s Twitter account?



He has almost 3.05 million followers but he follows just 19 people and among those lucky 19 people, 16 are news agencies/channels and the 17th is actor Amitabh Bachchan. The remaining two accounts are of a minister whom Rajinikanth is following.

But who is he?



He is none other than our PM, Narendra Modi. Modi himself has a whopping 21.5 million fans on Twitter and superstar Rajinikanth is among those that follow him on Twitter.

Shouldn’t he be so proud?



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