Travelling On Rajdhani Or Shatabdi Train? Get Ready To Shell Out 30-40% More On Fare

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9:04 pm 8 Sep, 2016

The railway ministry on September 7 announced that starting September 9, most Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto train tickets will see a hike in price by nearly 30-40%.


This dramatic rise in price is following railways decision to introduce surge pricing on these trains for all classes except “AC First Tier” and the “Executive Chair Car”.

The new costs  will come under a new scheme dubbed “Flexi fares”.

The cost surge is in stark contrast of Railways current system,  under this Trains will witness an increase in base fares by 10% for every 10% of berths being sold on these trains, subject to a cap of 1.5 times the base fare.


The new cost cart will apply to most train classes except AC Third Tire for which the ceiling would be 1.4 times the base cost.

This new price scheme will thus result in cost of a berth in a half-empty train being one-and-a-half times the current fare.


This new cost change won’t apply to tickets which have already been issued for 9th September or later.

With this, the cash-strapped railways expect to raise around Rs 500 crore per annum.

It must be noted that the decision to leave out 1st AC and the executive chair class was due to the fact that Railways stand to lose these passengers to airlines if they increase the cost further.

Further, this would also mean that cost of 2 tier AC tickets will now be almost as much as AC First Class.

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