These Women From Rajasthan Have Changed The Face Of Their Village

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6:49 pm 9 Mar, 2016


India is taking revolutionary steps towards developing its villages.

At present, the state of Rajasthan has as many as 4947 panchayats under the leadership of women.



Though it has just been 13 months since the last panchayat election, many of these woman Sarpanch, have stood out with their performance.


Here are few of those woman, who with their work are making a change in the society:

Nisha Devi, village Bllbgram:


Nisha, in the past few months has faced a lot of opposition and threats with regards to her work, but despite that has managed to get alcohol banned in her village.

She was helped by women of the village, who together have not only managed to ban alcohol from meetings but also close down all the liquor shops that were there.

Manju Bala Godhara, village 2 Rkm Kundal (Jodhpur)


Till few months ago Jodhpur’s 2 Rkm Kundal village was famous as the TB village of the state, as 25 houses in the village had as many as 30 TB patients.

When Godhara became Sarpanch in 2015, she took the disease head on and decided to make the village TB Free.

She since then has not only educated the village with regards to TB, but has also taught people how to fight it.


Saroj, village Khudana (Jaipur)


Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar Saroj (R)

Before becoming village sarpanch, Saroj wanted to be a teacher and had even completed a course in MSc-BEd.

But now she has only one aim, to solve the water drainage issue of the village.

To start work on her ultimate project, Saroj started visiting each house in the village personally, and started educating them about proper sanitation and hygiene.

She then came up with a solution to build a well that not only collects drainage water, but also absorbs them.

She, since then, has built 185 such wells in the village.

Manavendra Kanwar, Pali District


Kanwar is not only one of the youngest sarpanch in her district, but also one of the most educated ones with a MA BEd degree.

When she noticed that students of the village were heading towards cities to prepare for competitive examinations as there were not many teachers in the village, she took the matter into her own hand and now herself teaches these students for six hours every day.

Chandrakant Jain, village Panchota Nawan

To help the women of the village financially, Jain got a bank built in the village.

This bank is just like any government bank but is specially built to help those women who want to become financially independent.

The women in the village not only can deposit their money here, but once associated, can also take loan to start any work.

There are 1230 women in this panchayat with 12 women heading this self help bank called Sarojini Naidu Self Help.

Chanda Devi is the head of this group and has deposited Rs. 45,000 in the bank. They provide loan to women at a  fixed interest rate and have currently got 150 women employed.

Lakshmi Dodiar, village Divdhabra


It was just a year after her marriage that Lakshmi became the Sarpanch of village Divdhabra and defeated many heavyweights to become so. Since then she has not only freed land from under encroachment, but has also helped many residential houses get legally registered.

The owners of these houses have been fighting for nearly 40-50 years to get their house registered, but were unable to do so.

Besides taking care of a 7-month-old child, she listen to villagers problem and has helped many houses get government help.

She over the months have not only helped build many toilets in the village, but also developed village roads, temples and built a place where devotees visiting these temples can stay.