To Ensure Proper Care, Rajasthan Government To Launch Massive ‘Cow Survey’

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4:04 pm 12 Apr, 2016


Rajasthan’s animal husbandry department will launch a massive ‘cow survey’ with the aim to discourage people from abandoning cows.

The survey will count the number of cows which are staying with their owners and the stray ones. Rajasthan’s minister in charge of cow affairs, a first in the country, Otaram Dewasi said:

“It is not good to abandon a cow when it stops giving milk. When it gives milk, it is ‘gau mata’ and when it doesn’t, it becomes ‘awara’. This is not good.”



Further, the state government also plans to develop a sanctuary for cows in each of its seven divisions to keep abandoned cows and those rescued from traffickers.

Prabhu Lal Saini, minister of agriculture and animal husbandry, said:

“It is necessary to find out how many cows are owned by livestock owners and how many are living on streets. There are around 1.35 crore cows (gau vansh) in the state.”




Last year, the government had launched ‘Animal health card scheme’, which according to them, is just like family card.



“It is just like a family card. It has the details of owners, number of animals, their age and other related information,” Gopalan director Shailesh Sharma.