A Rajasthan MLA Wants His Son To Be A Peon Because He Is Not Qualified For Anything Else

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Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 3:47 pm


If an Indian politician has a son who is not very well-educated, you should expect him to join daddy’s political party. But this does not apply to Rajasthan BJP MLA Heera Lal Verma.

Rajasthan MLA

Rajasthan Assembly

Two-time MLA from Tonk, Mr. Verma has a son, Hansraj, who is a Grade 8 pass. He appeared for an interview at Krishi Upaj Mandi (Rajasthan State Agriculture Marketing Board) in Ajmer.

Son of Heera Lal Verma


According to reports, Mr. Verma said that since his 35-year-old son was “less educated” he was, therefore, eligible for the post of a peon only.

The MLA told PTI:

“My son Hansraj works in a private clinic in Niwai and earns Rs. 5,000 per month. He was weak in studies and could not clear secondary exam (class X). So this is the only option available to him… I will not encourage him to involve in any work or business which is higher than his capabilities or eligibility.”

Mr. Verma is himself a post graduate in three subjects and a gold medallist. All three of his other children are well educated.

Mr. Verma wants his son to lead an honest life on his own, and does not wants any of his children to use unfair means to lead a ‘prosperous’ life.

India’s dynasty-obsessed politicians and nepotists need to learn from Mr. Verma.